Today’s Look!


Leather jacket by Goosecraft
Sweater by Maison Scotch
Dress by Majestic
Boots by Hunter


13 thoughts on “Today’s Look!

      • I’m not into brand names, but I really wish I could find a nice, inexpensive pair of Granny boots (you know, the knee-high ones that lace up with brass buttons. I used to have a pair and loved them. I wore them out.


  1. Thats a great point, ill have to take a trip to nordys and try a pair! The tall ones are fantastic and look really good to boot (pun intended!)

    Thanks for following my blog! Are you much of a dress person? I have a ton of ideas that i could show you that i think would be really cute on you!

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    • No problem, you have a very nice blog!
      I’m actually wearing more skirts lately, and bought a few dresses since I want to dress more girly. So I’m not really a dress person but I’m trying to be :).
      Some ideas would definitely be welcome, I appreciate it a lot!

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  2. Cool outfit! I love how you pulled off the Hunter boots nicely. We usually wouldn’t think about incorporating rain boots into an everyday outfit. 😀


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  4. Nothing wrong with being girly, it’s what we do 🙂 Loving the leather biker jacket though…..well I like the whole look actually.


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