The Season of Festivities

The new year has begun, along with all our resolutions and promises. A good friend of mine had the brilliant idea to pick a word for the year 2015, which would describe the year and give you a certain goal to achieve during that year. If your word is ‘patience’, for example, it would mean that you should work on that in the new year. I am still thinking through my word, but I am excited to find one and go for it. I wish everyone a beautiful 2015, and may it bring you happiness and success.
Since I didn’t post anything during the Christmas season, I will show you how I spent my days last week –  which is eating, drinking Moët & Chandon and fawning over the beautiful window display of Tiffany & Co.
I celebrated Christmas at the Sofitel Legend the Grand, Amsterdam – A mouthful, I know. But, it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been to! It’s luxurious, timeless and romantic, the perfect combination for me. I am definitely coming back in the future!



While walking through the city at night, we spotted this amazing window display at Tiffany’s. I just thought it was so enchanting and perfectly captured a magical winter in New York City, something I hope to experience for myself one day… But for now my beautiful hometown Amsterdam will do just fine!

foto 1


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