Bagels x Vogue

One of the best combinations on a rainy, cloudy day are food and fashion. And with food and fashion, I mean bagels and Vogue. There is nothing better than staying inside, nice and cozy, while indulging on a big, delicious bagel and  reading Vogue. It’s a magical combination. This Vogue’s issue had beautiful Karlie Kloss on the cover, with a long and elaborate interview inside. She’s very down to earth and sober, and she doesn’t seem to have let the fame and succes get to her like it does to some celebrities we know.
It’s always nice to just scan through a fashion magazine like Vogue, for all the latest trends and fashion inspirations, with 40% of my attention on the content of the magazine and the other 60% on my food – can you blame me?

Especially with a delicious bagel like this one! A sun-dried tomato bagel topped with ham and greens, with a side of honey-mustard sauce and cream cheese. It may sound odd to some of you, but it is the perfect combination somehow! If you ever find yourself at Bagels & Beans, I highly recommend this bagel, accompanied with a steaming hot cup of coffee!


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