Sunday Chic

Today was a good day. Walking around Amsterdam, in the cold but crisp winter sun, which makes everything outside look beautiful. It was a typical Sunday, full of relaxing and having delicious coffee with a piece of pie in the afternoon, then burgers – a ‘skinny’ thriller, without the buns – at night. foto DSC_0071DSC_0076 For today’s look I decided to go for something comfortable and sporty, yet chic and elegant. These sneakers that I am wearing are my absolute favourite pair I have ever bought. I have been on the look out for a pair that are not too casual and still elegant and chic, which was very hard to find until recently! This pair by Primabase are so beautiful, I think I fell in love with them. What’s great about them is the intricate detailing on the front, which sparkles when it hits the right light. It’s also ideal to combine with a dress or skirt, because they are so feminine. I paired them with one of my favourite jeans by MET jeans, this grey pair with a very chic finish on the ends with the metallic studs, which I love! The coat that I am wearing is by Patrizia Pepe, which was a very lucky find on sale, I was able to get it for half the original price – a great deal, and I wear it almost every day! foto DSC_0051


25 thoughts on “Sunday Chic

  1. Beautiful pictures! I am new to the blogging world, please check out my page and follow me if you’re interested! I’ll keep up on your posts 🙂 ❤


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