J’adore Macarons

*Only suitable for Macaron lovers*
A few days ago, while I was strolling through the city – in this case Amsterdam – I came across the most beautiful window display I had perhaps every seen in my entire life, It was a bakery and ice cream maker, called ‘Dutch Homemade‘. What they did was hang a heart-shaped frame in front of the window, and then place macarons in all kinds of colours onto it. Now, that already sounds amazing, a heart filled with delicious macarons, but wait untill you see what it looked like!


I have yet to try these macarons, hopefully they taste as good as they look. Obviously, you have to go for Paris for the real deal, but I’ve found some great places for Macarons here in Amsterdam as well. If anyone happens to know a good place, here or abroad, let me know!


15 thoughts on “J’adore Macarons

  1. These macarons do look good and their display is really imaginative (compared to sad little lines in most of Paris’s shops). Those from Ladurée are rumored to be excellent, but the best I’ve ever eaten are the ones from Fresson in Metz. Yet nothing quite tastes like homemade macarons. The recipe is not that complicated; it might take a few tries before you get gorgeous looking pieces, but they are always nicer – because you pour all your love in them! – than the ones you buy 🙂

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  2. Great shot! That really is a beautiful display! You know, for no good reason whatsoever, I still haven’t tried them. I always want to, too but have yet to actually get my hands on some. New life goal!

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