Au Naturel

Recently I’ve had a couple of photos taken of me without any make-up whatsoever. I was feeling good about myself the last couple of days and was confident enough to do it. It’s quite nice to be able to see a photo of yourself without any make-up at all and see what you really, really look like. Not that I wear much heavy make-up daily but there’s still a difference that is seen.
I’d love to encourage more women to take more photos of themselves without make-up, and to feel confident about themselves. I also think it’s a matter of getting used to seeing yourself with no make-up in a photo, and not feeling like you have to be perfect, because I think many of us girls compare ourselves with models and actresses, while we often forget that they wear a lot more make-up, applied by professional make-up artists, in photos than the average woman. Plus they obviously have professional photographers take their photo in the ideal lighting and setting, which automatically makes for more beautiful pictures.

Let’s all go au natural to set the right example for ourselves and others!


34 thoughts on “Au Naturel

  1. wow, you are stunning! But i already knew that! a girl in her war paint, but there is something innocent & real and true when her face is naked. i love how you decided not to smile in this. It really adds to your beauty. i like your hair brought back like that. you look quite ferocious or determined. yet still feminine. i like the photo. 🙂 & you are very lucky to have such a pretty face! 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you for posting. x

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  2. & i kind of apologise for being nosy. somehow i followed a link & saw your instagram pics. more of your au natural photos. sensational Saba! the softness of your look and your face is really apparent when you let your hair down. many compliments on the photos and certainly on your look. i hope your personality and life is as warm and as beautiful as your face. 🙂 big smiles from happy Ed. x

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  3. You are so beautiful…you can’t improve natural beauty! I wish you were a bit closer to do a natural photo shoot with you!

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  4. What a great message! And you are beautiful without makeup! I am in my 50s and still need to find the confidence to even go to the store without some makeup. Thanks for your post.

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    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for your compliment! I think it’s a matter of being used to seeing your own reflection in the mirror without makeup. If you’re used to always wearing makeup, it will be hard to see yourself without any. I hope you find the confidence and courage to go without makeup, even if it’s just trying for one day :).

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    • I am older than you are and always applied makeup before I would leave the house. Then I got extremely ill, and sometimes didn’t even have the energy to brush my teeth at the end of a day. Needless to say, make up fell by the wayside for several years. One day I was looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth in the morning, and realized with a shock that I actually had some natural color in my face for the first time in several years. That’s when I started to realize that I was beautiful in my own way. I have naturally very pale skin, so I think I do look better with at least a little lipstick. But I’m no longer embarrassed to leave the house without makeup. My suggestion would be to start small, and take a chance. Maybe start with just leaving off the eyeshadow, if you usually wear it. Or start by trying a more minimal shadow look. Or wear a paler lipstick. Then just let yourself get used to that before you try a more dramatic change. Makeup may enhance your natural beauty, but believe me, you are beautiful just as you are.

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  5. You look so beautiful! I love this post and what an important message you’re spreading, everybody should love themselves with or without makeup.

    Much love!

    India xo

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  6. Echo the rest on terrific looking, but I do understand the reluctance to post photos. I spent a year photographing everything I wore, and that has made me more comfortable with seeing myself in images. And I am not nearly as photogenic as you are!

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  7. Don’t forget to mention all the retouching that go into a majority of the images we see. I am often asked to speak to students about fashion photography. Retouching is the first thing I mention before showing my work.

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  8. You are so inspirational, this is a great and much-needed message to send to women and girls, and your picture proves that you don’t need makeup to be beautiful. 🙂

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