Smoothies are my newly aqquired obsession. They are delicious, healthy and nutricious – the perfect combination! They’re also easy to make, and it’s a lot of fun to make different combinations and try them all out. Plus, every single combination makes for a different colour, which is beautiful to see. I like to always include bananas and and another type of fruit to keep it sweet and filling. Then I usually add ricemilk or rice-cocomilk, the last being my favourite since it’s so creamy. I highly reccomend not using normal cow milk, because lactose is actually not very good for most people, even if they don’t physically feel the effects of it. I also add some protein powder and other healthy powders made of berries or other healthy greens.

Mix it all up and you have yourself a delicious smoothie, depending on how much you make, enough to replace one of your regular meals. Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “SMOOTH

  1. Love your post & beautiful pictures! I have been really interested in chlorella. What do you notice from incorporating it into your diet? Thanks!!

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    • Thanks so much! And about the chlorella… It’s getting hard for me to tell what is doing what to me, since I eat very healthy in general haha! But it should be great for your skin, and I’m sure many other things. If you tried it I’m sure you’d notice some imrpovements, but it’s hard to say what exactly! Perhaps it’s also different for every person :).
      You’re welcome! X


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