Luxurious Consignment

We all dream of wardrobes filled with the most exquisite designer items – but how many of us can actually afford it? Until we either find ourselves a great job or rich husband, we will have to settle with less. But not being that rich doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to own beautiful designer clothing, right?
That’s why I have put together a list of the best designer clothes consignment websites, so we can all enjoy the beauty of luxury, for a little less.

  1. The Vestiaire Collective
  2. The Real Real
  3. Designer-Vintage
  4. Vaunte
    What’s great about Vaunte, is that it gives you an insiders look into the women who are selling their clothes. You can sneak a peek into their closet and find out all about their favourite must-haves.
  5. Shop Hers

Now I realize most of the items on these websites are still above budget for some of you – but remember that compared to the original retail price, it’s usually a great deal! So if you have the patience to save up some cash and the desire for a certain kind of timeless item, these sites are the place for you. Enjoy!

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