Glow, skin, glow!

We all want flawless, glowing skin, don’t we? Many products on the market promise us that we can achieve that, as long as we use the product rigorously. But wouldn’t it be best to just have healthy and beautiful skin naturally? While that may seem impossible, it’s actually a lot easier than you think! It’s simply a combination of eating the right foods, exercise and keeping the skin clean.
Now, of course everyone has different skin, and some of us have naturally great skin, while others aren’t as blessed. But changing your lifestyle can improve your skin’s condition a whole lot!


This is me when I wake up first thing in the morning. No make-up, no creams, nada. Excuse the sleepy eyes!

Let’s start with food; some of your may have heard of the term inflammatory foods. These are foods that cause, yes, inflammation in the body. While inflammation is a natural part of the body’s immune response, when it’s out of control, it will damage the body. It thought to play a role in obesity, heart disease and cancer. What also happens when inflammation is too high, it affects your skin and causes pimples. Foods that are for example high in sugar and saturated fat can spur inflammation, but also gluten is considered a highly inflammatory ingredient in food. Some people may be more resistant to these foods and won’t notice that it affects the skin, but if you do have problems with your skin or acne, it may be a great idea to change up your diet and see what happens!
Of course there are also anti-inflammatory foods, which help fight inflammation in the body and therefore improve your skin as well. These are examples for some great ‘beautyfoods‘, as I like to call them, that can help fight inflammation:
Fatty fish, whole grains, dark leafy greens (think spinach and kale), nuts, soy, beets, ginger and turmeric, sweet potato (especially this highly improves your skin’s collagen production), olive oil, and berries. But there are many more to find out there, so feel free to do some research of your own! And don’t forget to drink AT LEAST 8 cups of water a day, but I would recommend drinking even more than that, if you can.

Exercise is also a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. It improves blood flow in the whole body and blood flow improves your skin’s condition. It’s also great because exercising keeps you healthy, and when your healthy you’re much more likely to have glowing skin. Remember, our appearance and skin shows how healthy or unhealthy we are!

Next up is sleep. Sleep is a great way to improve your skin. Now I know that many of us nowadays lead busy schedules, and it’s hard to get that minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night. But if you can. I would recommend sleeping 9 or 10 hours. This is when you’re (this doesn’t go for everyone) fully rested, and will wake up with glowing skin and no dark circles.

Last, but not least, it’s also important to keep the skin clean and exfoliated. I usually use a mask once or twice a week to get rid of any dead skin, and use 100% organic wild rose-seed oil afterwards to moisturize. This is also used in creams that help clear up any scars, so it’s great for your whole skin in general, to keep it nice and firm. Also, it’s always a good idea to give your face some time off from heavy and caky make-up, a few days a week. Covering your skin in a thick layer of make-up every day will prevent your skin from breathing and possibly break your skin out.

If you follow all of these steps above, you will definitely start to see some improvement. Also remember that for women, being on the birth-control pill can affect your hormones and skin as well, so if you have trouble clearing up your skin, it may be wise to switch to a different pill or contraception method all together.
Good luck and let me know if any of you have some more tips for gorgeous skin!

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    • Thanks so much for the great feedback :)! I’m currently using an organic mudmask from a tube, but if you buy a box of all natural mud and mix it up with water, it’s the same. I’m just a little bit lazy for that, haha.

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